Wildlife Analysis

Published by Conveyor, 2013

Photographs and layout design: Bryan Graf

Wildlife Analysis is a run through the jungle, a voyage through modes of consciousness and into two swamps roiling at the edges of The Garden State. The incidental landscapes depicted in the series are recorded on a two-track system: black and white photographs are mixed with the direct contact of ambient light flooding onto color film. The resulting images are complicated by a river of intoxicating hues that blend and shift as they wash across the pages. Each book, individually printed and assembled at the Conveyor studio, mirrors the meandering tone of the series in its construction. Each image, originally printed and laid out in the darkroom on individual 8×10 sheets of photographic paper, has been scanned and, using variable algorithms, arranged into unique sequences. This chance-based organizing principle suggests new interpretations in each edition and allows the intimate and unpredictable nature of the series and its subject matter to glisten in its new form.